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The most common reasons for not joining a league:

Q - I don't know what a league is.
A - League is an any group of people that gets together on a weekly
     basis to bowl and have a good time.

Q - I am not good enough.
A - League bowling helps make all bowlers equal by giving pins
     (handicap) to lower average bowlers. The lower your average,
     the more pins (handicap) you get.

Q - I don't have time.
A - It only takes approximately two hours to bowl in a league.
     We have leagues bowling every day of the week at
     convenient times; morning, afternoon, and evening.

Q - It cost to much.
A - With reduced bowling rates for league bowlers, Bowling in a league
     is one of the most inexpensive forms of entertainment.

Q - I don't have anyone to bowl with me.
A - We can find someone for you. Whether you're an individual or
     couple, we can find other individuals or couples to make a
     team; and once you are a team, 4 or 5 people, we can place you
     in a league. We have leagues for all ages.

Q - I don't know how to keep score
A - Computerized scoring allows you to relax and have fun with you friends.

So Join Today to meet new people and have FUN! The bowling center that specializes in league bowling. For more information about joining a league, call 740-654-4513. Not only is bowling one of the best recreational values around, it's a great way to exercise and meet new friends.
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League Bowling is for Everyone!
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